Scissorfight Media is shifting into high gear!



This is the first of many posts coming to you direct from one of our many in-house servers (100+ CPU private virtualized data center currently coming online) .   Register for an account and join the discussions.  This is my personal message center, my business keystone and always the best place to find out what is cooking in the Scissorfight Media Labs where multimedia  is not just a career, it’s a life long passion!


WE OFFER (All of this and much MORE):

  • Web design- Info to come
  • Audio Production- Audio services include LIVE netcasts and multi seat recording facilities for daily/weekly/monthly podcasts, music production with independent Pro Tools, Cubase, Audition, Audacity and Cakewalk facilities in-house.  We have a large selection of digital tools and OLD SCHOOL outboard analog gear (complete equipement inventory to come).  We welcome all experimental and professional production ideas and clients.  SOME jobs may be too big, but absolutely NO JOB IS TOO SMALL.
  • Video Production-  We offer in studio live to disc netcast/podcast production, post production netcast/podcast services and any combination of the two.  Remote and in-house production is available.  We have a large selection of video gear including standard and high definition (HD) cameras, digital/analog edit suites.  A/B Analog and multiple digital solutions (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere and After Effects with LOTS of additional tools available).  Have a show idea?  Think it would cost too much to produce professional quality video episodes  for your hobby or business website?  Contact us.  We are currently looking for interesting show ideas and partner relationships. Our small render farm will also be available for rental  at a “per core hour” rate.  More information will be made available soon.
  • Photography- Info to come
  • Technology Consulting and Installation- Info to come



My personal business card is above in high resolution print quality format.


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Saturday, August 13th, 2011
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